Matthias "Gringo" Müller Interview

We are so excited to introduce you to our first Art Collaboration, Gringo! He is full of talent, positive vibes and inspirations! Get to know him through our last interview together! 


 Who is Kid Gringo?

Humm, what a question. Human, male, graff boy, letter lover, coffee – mango – and herbs addict, uberselector, east german, pirate, idiot, adventurer … Shortly: the Girls dem sugar!


You have two professions working as an illustrator and a selector, how did you manage to link them together and did you ever had to choose between them?

I don’t manage, and that’s my biggest problem: for me, all these things are one: my life, my love, my passion, profession or however you want to call it. It’s the biggest part of what makes me be the person who I turned out to be, I don’t have any other hobbies. I go perform, no matter what is requested or expected, a book, a mural, a music set, anything. I just grab the tools according to the duty and go perform. I cannot imagine a life without producing, putting out, being creative every day. I’m such a nervous kid that I’m afraid if I wouldn’t have anything to draw or yell or lay my eyes on I would just kill maself by heart attack or matrix implosion. Fortunately, I managed to be able to do both on a … let’s say at least semi-pro level. About "choosing", I tried it. Doesn’t work. It’s like trying to quit smoking. Worst 5 minutes of ma life.


 Who inspires you the most in the art and/or music industries?

I know this sounds random, but everything. Life is full of big, and incredibly tiny, funny, beautiful and interesting details, I could never stop looking or listening. The moments that bring the most fun or trigger plots for intellectual excursions – to me, are the moments where there is a disturbing factor. When exceptions break, or structures, systems, situations get disturbed – there often comes out a very precious part of something new and extraordinary. I don’t wanna call specific names, there are so many, so I chose life as my role model.

 Your next step is moving to Kampala, Uganda. How did you come to that decision and do you have plans/expectations?

ME NUH KNOW 3 SW copy.jpg

Yea, I am going there because I know since long, long time that I don’t belong here. I always wanted to move outside of Germany and live in a foreign place and did it already when I spent half of my time in Brazil for a long time, a few years ago. Right now, I’m following a friend’s call who’s building up an agency in Kampala. I will work as his graphics man and artist but will still keep up my german illustration jobs, my personal art production and, of course, my gringo DJ career. I don’t know what to say about my expectations, of course I’d love to see things work out but am aware of the fact that you never know what happens in the future. All I can say is that I know that this will be one great adventure. Things will be different. All things will. And that’s a lot of expectation already.

Any advice for people starting their career devoted to arts or music ?

Sure. Believe in yourself. Believe in your dreams and work hard to make them come true. Talent and dreams make one half of a good artist, the other half is hard work, the ability to focus even in super hard times, and dedication. Don’t listen to what the others are trying to tell you, it’s your life and your dream, your passion, so you are the person to stick to it and work things out. Wow, I sound like my grandpa. Which is not a bad thing, by the way, he was a very wise man.


How and where we can find your work ?

Oh, yea now there comes the part where I have to say no I don’t have an own website not even an insta account yet haha. Don’t ask me why my head and heart are just too busy and distracted. You find it in the streets, on posters, grafts, tags, flyers, there are some pictures of my work on Facebook. Some mixes, remixes, dubs etc on SoundCloud, and I run an art publishing conglomerate with my pirate gang called International Neighborhood , which we use for publishing art books and magazines like our infamous Klebstoff  sticker mag and so on. Last but not least we run a gallery in Dresden, called C.Rockefeller Center.


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